Its here the DDK Custom street racer limited design.


THE DDK Race Special is for the type of person who love custom street racers but want a design a bit more up to date.  A specialist livery which is made up of a complicated layered design of paint effects. Using House of Kolor paint each one will be unique to its owner in its own way.  The design was originally designed for a Lambretta G.P but has now been modified to suit the Vespa T5. All the paint work is top quality show room standard and finished with up to  12 coats of 2k clear lacquer and machine polished. For more detail about the prep and paint process see further down this page.

 You get to choose and customise the main colour scheme running through the scooter to suit your taste, you can change the coloured areas on the panel work to your own taste. i.e orange faded to yellow , dark blue to sky blue and so on, this will usually be the colour of the floor, runner boards, frame canopy and headset top & bottom. You choose your own race number, which once taken can't be used again on any other DDK. There's a limited run of 20 to ever be done, each one hand signed and dated in the order they are finished.

The DDK Price List


STANDARD LIVERY                                                                          £2850.00

Body work, from bare metal, etch primer flatted 80, grit  /  filler flatted 80 grit, 120, 240 /

2k filler primmer flatted, 600/800 / 1200  2k one solid colour finish
and lacquer.


Metalic base coat and lacquer.                                                                              £2950.00

 Metal flake base coat includes 6 extra coats of 2k clear to bury the flake,           £3450.00


All the above machine polished to show finish.
Internals extra.

SX Back light unit.    £100.00
Forks                        £170.00
Hubs                        £65.00 each.
Rims                        £150.00 per wheel.
DDK Sprint rack          £95.00


All prices are based on panel work been in  good condition.
All Welding extra i.e badge holes panel splits, side panel flashes.

Sand blasting extra. Average price full scooter frame and panel work    £170.00