TRICK PARTS AND EXTRAS,?   Chrome Parts Clear coated ?Lacquered or Airbrushed , ? Designer Painted Alloy Wheels, Wheel Rims, Hubs & Forks?.?????????????????

TRICK BITS. This page is all about anything a bit Trick or differant thats going on in my world of Kustom paint. Alloy Wheels, Harley Darby Covers, Under the bonnet air filter boxes , ANYTHING GOES.

Protect your custom gold and chrome plaiting from the elements with a coating 2k clear lacquer that dosn't just flake off after a couple of months.? We now lacquer chrome and gold plaiting with a special etch primer that bites into the chrome without marking it, but at the same time alowing us to lacquer directly onto the chrome?with no?need to flat and key the surface with abrasive paper ( No Scratches). This also gives me a new surface which can be used to airbrush on. So the possiblities are endless.? Here are some examples of forks and petrol tanks and various things i have lacquered on custom scooters.